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General Dentistry for Bridgeton Areas Families

For you and your entire family, general dentistry is important for everyone’s well-being. Our experienced dentists at Carrollwood Dental Group can perform thorough exams and preventive services so your family doesn’t have to go through painful and expensive dental procedures in the future.

Although the dentist’s office may seem like a daunting place to visit, and may cause you or your loved ones anxiety, you have nothing to worry about when you choose Carrollwood Dental Group. We aim to make our dental practice a place where you associate good thoughts with dental care, so your anxiety about dental work is gone.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is the practice of preventive services for your oral health. Because it is a general practice, Carrollwood Dental Group is able to provide care for patients of all ages, which means all your family members can have the same dentist in one place. General dentistry involves the diagnoses, treatments, and overall coordination of services in order to get you in optimal oral health. If our dentists find that you need specialized dental care, we’ll refer you to reliable specialists in the Bridgeton area. We’ll never try to tackle any problems that are better left to specialists, as we take your dental health very seriously.

How General Dentistry Benefits You

Although the state of your oral health may seem fine and you may not have any obvious problems or pain, there can still be underlying issues that you won’t be aware of until it’s too late. There are early signs of diseases (such as cancer) that our experienced dentists can spot early on. By catching these issues before they occur, you can both save money on future expensive treatments and protect your health in a positive way.

Because general dentistry is so beneficial for you, as professionals, we strongly recommend that you get regular dental screenings. At each regular dental exam, our skilled dentists can screen you for oral cancer and gum disease, which can be very detrimental to your health.

Our General Dentistry Services

We at Carrollwood Dental Group are dedicated to helping you get the best general dentistry services for your teeth. A combination of preventive and restorative services is ideal for maintaining your oral health. Our general dentistry services include:

If you’re interested in taking your oral health into your own hands, be sure to get preventive dentistry services from Carrollwood Dental Group on a regular basis. We’ll start you off with a thorough initial oral examination with X-rays, and then custom tailor a personal treatment plan based on your diagnoses. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment in a dental office where you’ll be treated in a courteous and friendly manner.